A Spirit of Idiocy

Karaite synagogue (Kenesa) in Trakai.
Wikimedia Commons. Author: Avi1111 dr. avishai teicher, 24 July 2013.

A spirit of idiocy entered into the king, and he decreed that the Jews and the Karaites would debate with each other in front of him to prove whose religion came first.

Karaism: An Introduction to the Oldest Surviving Alternative Judaism. Daniel J. Lasker, Littman Library of Jewish Civilization. p. 1.

For those of you interested in Jewish studies, I highly recommend Professor Daniel J. Lasker’s Karaism: An Introduction to the Oldest Surviving Alternative Judaism. Professor Lasker easily accomplishes his goal of fulfilling the need for “a basic description of Karaite history, practice, belief, and intellectual achievement.” The book is well-organized and written for the non-specialist in a clear, easily understood style.

Here is a beautiful traditional Egyptian Karaite song for the Sabbath.

All the best,

Author: Gershon Ben-Avraham

Gershon Ben-Avraham is an American-Israeli writer. He lives in Beersheba, Israel, on the edge of the Negev Desert. He and his wife share their lives with a gentle blue-merle long-haired collie. Ben-Avraham earned an MA in Philosophy (Aesthetics) from Temple University. His short story, “Yoineh Bodek,” (Image) received “Special Mention” in the Pushcart Prize XLlV: Best of the Small Presses 2020 Edition. Kelsay Books published his chapbook “God’s Memory” in 2021. חב"ד‎

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