Writing Desk.

Fiction – Selected

Agape Review “Daughter of the Priest of On”

Ample Remains “The Death of Baych Fels”

Five on the Fifth “The Accompanist”

Image Journal “Yoineh Bodek”

Jellyfish Review “Remembering Robert Angus McDavid”

Jewish Fiction. net “The Janitor”

Jewish Literary Journal “Specks of Gold”*

Steel Toe Review “Grandma’s Postcard”

The Bookends Review “Ariela Rose“, “Pickup and Delivery”

The Chamber Magazine “All’s Over, Then”

The Dillydoun Review “The Plan”, “The One That Is Waiting”

The Rappahannock Review “Swimming”

Poetry – Selected

Amethyst Review “Kiddush”, “Longing for Rain”

Bolts of Silk “Sparrows in Winter”

Jewish Literary Journal “Ketoret”

Numinous: Spiritual Poetry “God’s Memory”

Psaltery & Lyre “Modeh”

The Purpled Nail “Curious Creatures”, “God’s Die When”


Forage “Why My Father Never Voted”


The Rappahannock Review

*Originally Published 2014 Summer Print Edition of “Poetica Magazine: Contemporary Jewish Writing”