A Decoction of Lime-Flowers

Recette pour la Madeleine. Photo by MairieSY, 19 September 2003. Wikimedia Commons. Aaron Berkowitz is Editor-in-Chief of the Jewish Literary Journal. The Journal publishes poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, comics, art, and photography that is "Jewish in nature." Aaron leaves what is meant by "Jewish in nature" undefined. He does this purposefully to allow the broadest extent possible in … Continue reading A Decoction of Lime-Flowers

Different Emotional Directions

Return of the Scouts from Canaan. Rijksmuseum / Wikimedia Commons. When I was in college, my music theory teacher once told me that she and the Chair of the English Department would get together from time to time to listen to music. Their purpose was not merely pleasure. Instead, armed with pens and paper, they … Continue reading Different Emotional Directions

No Insectinction! — Crafty Green Poet

I have followed the blog of Juliet Wilson (aka Crafty Green Poet) for some time now. Juliet is multi-talented: she writes poetry, is a skilled artisan, and is a devoted environmentalist. What I enjoy most about Juliet's blog is the passion she brings to what she does, whether documenting a walk she has taken, writing … Continue reading No Insectinction! — Crafty Green Poet