Warsaw: Dinner and Davening

“Galil” is a transliteration from the Hebrew of a word commonly used to refer to an area in Israel better known to English speakers as “Galilee.” Galilee is a beautiful, mountainous region in the north of Israel. Jesus was a Galilean. In his time, Galileans spoke with a distinctive accent. Following the arrest of Jesus, … Continue reading Warsaw: Dinner and Davening

Kraków: Architecture of Holiness

In his book, The Seven Lamps of Architecture, John Ruskin defines architecture as “the art which so disposes and adorns the edifices raised by man for whatsoever uses, that the sight of them contributes to his mental health, power and pleasure.”¹ I think it's fair to say that the sight of a synagogue rarely contributes … Continue reading Kraków: Architecture of Holiness

Kraków: Jewish Ghosts

What do you do with a synagogue building that can no longer function as a synagogue? Perhaps the neighborhood changed, or the building costs too much to maintain. Perhaps the congregation moved to the suburbs. Perhaps its members were murdered. What do you do? What should you do?¹ Friday, October 19, 2018 - continued: There … Continue reading Kraków: Jewish Ghosts

Kraków: Menorahs and Showbread

Menorah, Isaac Synagogue, Kraków, Poland After entering Kraków in September 1939, the German invaders closed the synagogues and confiscated items of value housed in them. Jews in Krakow continued to pray, of course, but did so in private. Their public houses of prayer were no longer available to them. Friday, October 19, 2018: Beth and … Continue reading Kraków: Menorahs and Showbread